How a virtual assistant can work?

A virtual assistant can provide various services to entrepreneurs or businesses from a remote location. From digital marketing to any type of admin support tasks can be done by a virtual assistant. It’s a never ending list! They can do anything virtually. Expert virtual assistants can learn new things quickly and can work on them with or without minimal supervision.

Why you need a Virtual Assistant?

Now a days everyone is busy with their office, businesses etc. To maintain work flow and to reduce work pressure you should hire one. Here are few more reasons:

  1. Reduced costs

One of the main reasons why you should hire a virtual assistant remotely. Instead of hiring a full-time employee for this type of work you could outsource a VA with very cheap hourly rate. Pay only working hours!

  1. Saving Training Cost

A full-time employee must need training to work on different type of tasks. Where you can outsource virtual assistants based on their skills, experiences and expertise. It’s really save a lot when it comes to training costs. All this time, money can’t afford by many companies.

  1. Saves Time

In business time is money! Hiring virtual assistants will saves a lot of time.

If you have lots of different tasks then you can hire multiple VAs based on their skills and experience. You don’t need to training them because they are already expert. It will really save huge time.

What can a virtual assistant do?

Actually a VA can do any type of work which can be done remotely. Here are the most common tasks which a VA can work:

  • Data Entry, Mining, Data Scrapping
  • Lead Generation (verified email list building)
  • Web Research
  • Data Extraction (LinkedIn/Instagram etc)
  • Social Media Manager (create & manage FB, Insta)
  • File Conversion (PDF to word/excel and vice versa)
  • Copy Paste (Huge File)
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Personal Assistant
  • WordPress Posting
  • Products Collection and Entry
  • Website Update, Maintenance
  • Google Analytics, Adwords etc Setup
  • Any Administrative Tasks

How do hire a Virtual assistant?

Now it’s clear that having a virtual team member can be a great assistant to you. A VA can boost your productivity, handle routine tasks, and maintain everything. The first step will be finding a virtual assistant from a reputed source. The second step will be using a time tracker apps to capture a VA’s working time. Here are some options to find an experiences, trustworthy virtual assistant.

Freelance Marketplaces

There are some reputed and trusted freelance marketplaces from where you can outsource virtual assistant. You can review their previous work history, previous client’s feedback and comments. Some freelance sites have time tracking app to track working hours and screenshots.

It’s very simple to use a freelance marketplace. Only three steps to complete:

  1. Post a job with description under appropriate category.
  2. Hundreds of freelancers will apply on the job around the world!
  3. Now filter them with top reviews, more work history and finally select your desired virtual assistant.

Here are few reliable freelance marketplaces.



Upwork is a top leading freelance marketplace from where you can find your desired virtual assistant easily. You can either search a VA from their search option or can post a job. Very easy to use and you have option to dispute. They have time tracker apps for hourly work protection.


Freelancer is another old freelance marketplace you can use. Very simple to use but there are huge fraud freelancers.

Virtual Assistant Companies

You can think of a virtual assistant company for virtual assistant job. You can contact a virtual assistant company and they will assign a VA according your requirements. No need to post job, interview etc and it will really save your huge time. Freelance marketplaces will charge you 10%-20% fees where a virtual assistant company will not charge extra which will save your money. You can hire a VA either hourly payment or fixed price basis. There are lots of such companies you can find by search. I am listing one trusted company here:



DianaTech is one of the best Virtual Assistant service provider company with almost 99% clients satisfaction rate. You can trust them without any hesitation. Just send them as many tasks as you have and they will work them accordingly. Another beauty is that, they will not take any advance payment. Hire them, get work done and then you need to pay them. They have a team of experts with highly skilled and experienced members. So you don’t have to worry about work quality. More about their Virtual Assistant Service can be found in their website.

How Much Do I Pay?

If it’s Digital marketing type of work then most of the companies charge around $20-$30/hour.  For Data Mining, Lead Generation, Internet Research, Data Entry, Product Adding, File Conversion, WordPress posting, Social Media Marketing etc Admin support type of work most of companies charge around $15-$20/hour. If you hire a freelancer from freelance marketplace then there will be $10%-$20% fees also.

If you hire DianaTech – then payment will be around $4-$8/hour. You don’t need to pay any upfront payment. Pay after check the work quality. Their main target is client satisfaction.

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